beginning of the end

As the new school year starts, a lot of us moms are lamenting how fast time passes.  I'll join right in with my rant since tomorrow my youngest becomes a senior in high school.  (I have no idea how this has happened, being as I'm still 29). 

This should not be - just last week I was sending him off to first grade, terrified he wouldn't be able to navigate the hallways by himself and praying he'd eat his lunch.  Today he navigates roadways as the driver of a car and is currently at China Buffet paying for his own dinner.  My, my, my.

One day they depend on us, the next day not so much.  And there we stand, mothers without a children's world anymore.  Moms with no need for back to school lists and lunchboxes.  Momma bears that have more free time on their hands than ever and are looking around for something to do.

It's all the way it's supposed to be, and I get that.  And if you've been here before and read what I've had to say, you can see this is a (slightly) recurring theme with me.

Because it blows me away.

Because time moves so fast.

Because I so love being a mom.

It's time for me to shift a bit.  Handle a little emptiness, listen to a little quiet.  I can do it.  I'd rather not....but I can.  Now to see what God's going to do next....

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