Grounds for....

...sculpture, fortunately.

An interesting place with interesting art in Hamilton, NJ.

A very cool place on a humid afternoon!


  1. Beth, we have a place just like that in St. Louis. I used to manage a health club – and right down the street from the health club was a place called Laumeir Park - it had sculptures – and walkways with trees just like the one you pictured – and expanses of grass – just like you said – a cool place on a humid afternoon. I hearted the pictures especially the walkway with the trees. It all made me smile. Smiles are good. Thank you. God bless and keep you and all of yours.

  2. Craig- thanks! My son loves St. Louis and spent the last 4 years there in school (well, school was just across the border in Illinois actually). I'll have to ask him if he knows of that park.


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