what to blog about?

A quiet Saturday afternoon.  Cool.  Rainy. Peaceful. No One In Particular Needs Me.
To me that says "writing time." 

Excitedly I gathered my tea, laptop, and other accessories I can't seem to go 15 feet without and got cozy at the table.  This is going to be great, I thought.  Uninterrupted time to post something on my blog.

As my cursor blinked at me every other moment wooing me to hit the keyboard and begin, I thought, "What on earth am I going to write about?"

And then I smiled. 

I having nothing to say.  And I love it.

Too often I have much to get out.  Much that needs to be worked on, discussed, brought up, sorted through.  But when I'm speechless, it's because things are Simple.  Ordinary.  Peaceful.  Strife-less.

And No One In Particular Needs Me.

I audibly sigh and realize I'm thankful, for now, to be without material.  Days of peace are welcome, and God is good - as always - to be providing so faithfully.  Having seen Him in the storm, I know He's present in the calm.   And like grabbing a breath between labor pains,  I need the plain times to soothe my soul because undoubtedly there's something else coming just around the bend.

But until then, I shall enjoy the gift of an ordinary day.


  1. NICE.. love it. "between the labor pains" is an awsome visual... and it's it so true!

  2. Thanks! Yes, I remember trying to catch those breaths!


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