Life is hard....and then you blog

No one really wants to hear about my latest difficult experiences.  And I don't blame them.  I don't particularly want to hear about my most recent tales of woe either. I'm weary of it.  I'd prefer to leave it all behind.

But I can't deny it or pretend that it hasn't happened.

And I shouldn't.  The circumstances, trials, pains, joys and suffering that have been parading down my road represent the hands that press in to shape a lump of wet clay as it turns on the potters wheel.  It's amazing that with the right skill, what starts as an insignificant colorless ball of substance can be turned into a beautiful piece of art.

But not without some pressure.

Life's been hard.  For me, for you, for my family, for most folks I rub shoulders with.  And when it gets so down and dirty, it keeps me from creative pursuits; I don't feel like writing, reading, blogging, studying, photographing.  It's all I can do to get through what needs to be done and make sure I'm im one piece at the end of the day.

But then it starts to ease up.  The spinning slows down, and the hands, for now, finish their work and let go for a little while.  And I feel the old me return.

And in the midst of my joy, I desire to write.  To read.  To blog.

God is good, all the time.  There are times when His goodness comes through as strong hands providing shape to a lump of clay and let me tell you, it's most unpleasant.  But He knows that if He didn't do that, we'd go splattering off the wheel in all kinds of directions and would never become a finished piece. 

Bear with it. 

Go with it. 

God's working on His creation.  You.


  1. Boy I can relate to this one. Since the beginning of the year my husband had shoulder surgery which was about a 3 month recovery then he had to go to the emergency room two times in the midst of that recovery then he had a skin cancer spot removed then it was moving into May and I was thinking, wow a good month.
    Then I came down with shingles (adult chicken pox)they were not fun and now I think I have a bladder infection.
    God is still here and I am grateful for each day just wish they were getting better.

  2. I love this - "God is still here and I am grateful for each day just wish they were getting better." You put that perfectly! I can relate! Thanks for reading and commenting. You have a lot on your plate....God IS there every day with you.


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