Today was one of those days where a recurring theme kept coming up.

And today's lesson was....dreams.

This morning I was preparing to teach about Joseph revealing himself to his brothers and seeing a 22 year dream fulfilled.  What an amazing feeling that must have been.  Joseph received what a lot of us long for;  a sense of closure from God as he realized his dreams had not been forgotten.

This afternoon I clicked on an ad/link to the right of my Facebook page- which I never do for fear I'll download every computer virus known to man - and it took me to a website that emails daily challenges for healthy living.  It looked innocent enough so I signed up and got taken right to today's challenge.  It read,

"Define your dream."

Ok, you don't have to tell me twice.  Or maybe you do.

Anyway, I got the picture loud and clear.  God wants me to learn or work on something to do with my dreams.

But let me ask you this - how do we know which dreams are from God and which ones are just of our own making? 

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