This is how I start my day. And this is by far my current favorite mug. I love the color, I love tea, and I absolutely adore the sentiment on the back.

(Let me know if you realize what the numbers are for....and no, they're not for texting, as my 15 year old thought.)

This summer I've come to cherish cool, breezy mornings in our patio room with a cup of tea and some quiet time as my favorite part of the day. The peaceful early hear the birds sing, see the freshness of a new 24 hours begin, and think of the promise that the day holds.
Sometimes I sit here....

sometimes I sit over here....
...but no matter where I end up, it seems that this room and morning go perfect with a cup of tea.


  1. Ok, I give. What are the numbers????
    I thought perhaps it was a phone number.
    Holly :)

  2. They are...the Dewey decimal numbers for "tea". I'm an assistant librarian, and the head librarian gave it to me as a it.


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