On Monday, President's Day, I wanted to get to writing ..but the day kept taking on a life of its own and I never really got around to doing much of anything with it. I received a really nice phone call in the afternoon tho from Aaron Reynolds (Chicks and Salsa; Buffalo Wings; Tiger Moth series) as I had emailed him a couple of weeks ago and just pummeled him with questions - and he said it would be so much easier to chat than to email! I agreed. So when I finally had some free time after dinner I got him on the phone and we talked and talked. He had a lot of good input and advice and answered all of my questions that I had for him. He spoke of his OVER 300 rejection letters...oy vey.

He was encouraging yet realistic, which is the best way to be.

Wednesday I brought home an armful of picture books to mull over- but was also getting sick. So that night by the fire, struggling to stay awake, I pored over the picture books, taking note of their contents and publishers, what made them work, what I did and didnt' like, and made notes. I also organized some thoughts and titles, etc in my notebook.

Yesterday I ended up staying home sick and didn't get anything accomplished- even though, once again, I intended to all day! Funny how life gets in the way of my plans...

In our conversation on Monday, Aaron recognized that I had done my homework. And I'm glad it shows. I feel as if I have had a small education this past month or so from when I began this journey because of all I've been reading and gleaning and gathering. I now feel like I have to get to the hard part- the part that's all on me- the writing-the-children's-book part. But that is the fun part too!

I came into work at the elementary school library this morning, in a sea of picture books, and once again thought to myself- how can something that appears to be so easy to write be actually very difficult? Before I knew what I know now, I had NO idea of the rigorous process each of these authors - some one-hit, some not so much - has had to go through. It gives me much more of an appreciation and respect for these books we have here on our shelves. Ah, to write a picture book AND get it published AND on someone's shelves - not an easy task; not an easy task at all.

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